Thin fonts (single line fonts) from Lettering Delights and Design Space

Did you know that thin fonts from Lettering Delights can be used in Design Space to write with your Cricut Explore?

Lettering Delights thin fonts can be used in Make the Cut to create designs that you can save in SVG format and upload into Design Space which you can then write with a pen or marker using your Cricut Explore.

(note that you can click all the images below to see more detail)

I clicked the Import Font File icon in the top right corner and then chose the .opf file from my directory.

To save as an SVG file, the design must be selected.
In Design Space, I changed the line attribute to Write

You can test the file I created for yourself. You can download the Test for Design Space file in SVG format by clicking here.

This video teaches you how to upload SVG files into Design Space: