Assembling and using a CB09 blade holder in your Silhouette Cameo or Portrait

Take the CB09 blade holder apart completely.
Place the blade into the main part of the blade holder. There is a magnet at the bottom.

Place the spring over the blade.

Place the black cap carefully over the blade and spring being careful not to hit the blade on the sides of the inner gold portion.

Screw the black cap back on.

Twist the silver end to make the blade protrude as much as you want (see tip below).

This is how much my blade protrudes and I never have to change the physical blade setting. All I do is change the blade setting in the software. With this, vinyl weeds beautifully and all materials cut like butter.

Here is how much my blade protrudes from another angle.

Tip: Turn the silver end all the way to the left until the blade doesn't protrude at all. Set your regular ratchet blade (the one that came with the machine) to the number you usually set it for patterned paper or card stock (3 or 4). Now hold the ratchet blade next to the CB09 blade holder and turn the silver end until the blade protrudes the same amount on both.

You should be good to go, but you might need to run some test cuts to be sure you have the right setting. Once you have the right setting, you will love your new blade holder.

You can purchase 30-degree (for thin materials like vellum and vinyl), 45-degree (all purpose) and 60-degree (thick materials) blades for your blade holder.

Regular material blades are the 45-degree blades. These are at

Deep cut blades are the 60-degree blades. These are at

Thin material blades are the 30-degree blades. These are at

Here is a video on placing the blade holder in your Silhouette. Note that there is no fin on this blade so how you place it in the mechanism doesn't matter.

If you do need to take the clamp off, do not stretch the mechanism. You only want to loosen it a tiny bit. If your blade holder won't fit in, don't force it. You don't want to stretch the mechanism out of shape.

In this case, you will need to sand your blade holder down to fit.