In this Cricut Design Space tutorial, I show you how to select your text so you can make adjustments to the font, size or location. Make sure that the text is the top layer if you have multiple layers.

If you are interested in getting a Cricut Explore, they are available for $199 on Amazon!!!

This Cricut Design Space tutorial shows you how easy it is to add a score line to your projects.

I thought there might be some interest, but never in my wildest dreams did I think a page could have over 300 likes in less than 24 hours, but yes, my new Best Crafting Deals seems to be a hit. 

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Thanks so much for all your support!

Yesterday I promised that I would post a tutorial on how to access the special glyphs in the Samantha font, which you can still get on sale.

The easiest way of all is to use SCAL4 (Sure Cuts a Lot) because the font viewer displays all of the available characters and all you need to do is click the characters you want.

This capability is available in the Mac and PC versions of the software. For more information on Sure Cuts a Lot, join us in my Facebook group.

If you do not have SCAL, there are other ways you can access the special characters. If you have Illustrator or CorelDRAW, this video shows you how you can access them very easily.

If you have none of these software programs, you will need to follow the procedures described in the FAQ on Laura Worthington's site (under How do I?).

This procedure only works with fonts that have been coded to be compatible with character map. The latest version of the Samantha font has been coded by Laura Worthington to be compatible with character map. If you have an older version (you will know this if the procedure doesn't work), contact the designer, Laura Worthington, and ask her to send you the updated version of the font. You will have to provide proof of purchase.

Just when you thought that Cricut's Explore® machine couldn't get any more amazing, they are now introducing their Cricut Explore Air!

This new machine has all the incredible features of the Cricut Explore®, but now it has built-in Bluetooth technology - so your projects can go wherever you go! In addition to being able to cut just about anything, including leather, balsa wood, fabric, vinyl, craft foam, and even silk, cartridges are also included in the software. So anytime you want to use a different cartridge, you just do a quick search on your iPad and it brings up all the images on the cart. How efficient is that?! 

By far this is the most advanced electronic cutting machine on the market with an unbelievable amount of helpful, time-saving features. While there are almost too many to mention, I can't resist sharing a few more of my favorites:
  • It's wireless and compatible with Cricut Design Space iPad app.
  • Since it's wireless, all projects can be saved to the cloud, which allows users to conveniently swap between their laptop and iPad.
  • Cartridges are linked to your Cricut ID and delivered over the cloud. So once you've loaded a cartridge, you have it everywhere you go.
  • There's no overlay simply because it's not needed! You just lay all of your cuts out in the Cricut Design Space app and you can see everything you are cutting all at once. So goodbye handbooks!
  • It comes with a ton of "make-it-now" projects. You just send them straight to the machine and they are ready to go. You can also customize them with your own font and images!
  • Fonts and images can be uploaded for free - the machine can actually print writing that looks just like handwriting! You can also draw and upload pictures to the machine without having to cut anything out.
The Cricut Explore Air is really just amazing - and so fun to use! If you've been thinking about upgrading your cutting machine, now is the time to do it! Especially since you can get free shipping with the code MARCHSHIP. Now you can really cut a rug to celebrate!

**This post contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking through my links. 

Cricut has finally released this long-awaiting digital cartridge. Frozen is such a popular movie and the images can be found everywhere in toy departments, at children's parties, on lunch boxes and backpacks. 

Now available!!!


Cricut® Disney Frozen™ cartridge - $29.99

Retail Price: $39.99
You Save: $10.00

In this Cricut Design Space tutorial, I teach you how you can delete images you have uploaded to the DS library.

Designing projects on your iPad is amazing because you can design anywhere you want and then cut your project on your Explore. The app is beautiful and powerful. 

Below I explain how you can open projects you have already created in Design Space on your computer in the iPad app so you can continue designing on the go.

The first thing you need to do is tap Projects in the top right corner.

If you make changes to your project, you can Save the project so you can continue working on it later either using the iPad app or on any computer anywhere. 

All you need to do is log into your account to access your project from anywhere.

In this Silhouette Studio tutorial, I teach you how you can use the Rhinestone feature for special effects. Note that you must have the Designer Edition to use this feature.

Below are some of the issues that will be fixed in Design Space 2.2:
  • Fixed an entitlement issue with some UK purchases
  • Fixed a bug where grouping a grouped set caused multiple issues
  • Fixed the help video link on the setup process
  • Fixed a couple of Make It Now projects that were not printing the cut sensor marks
  • Fixed an issue where multiple printable images would cut in the same area
  • Fixed a global flex error when unflattening an uploaded image saved on the iPad app
  • Fixed text formatting from iPad to web app
  • Fixed an issue with line type and color on grouped text changing after saving

No downtime is anticipated with this release.