Below are the written instructions to go with my video tutorial on filling shapes with cuttable patterns in Silhouette Studio.

Place your pattern on the mat in Silhouette Studio. 

Place the letter, number or shape (all will be called a “shape”) as the top layer over the pattern.

Change the colour of the shape to a light colour different from the pattern to make everything easier to see.

Select the shape only. Choose the Offset function. Choose Inner Offset.

Choose Corner or Round for the offset.

Choose the desired distance for the offset.

Select only the outer shape (the original shape).

Press CMD+X on a Mac or CTRL+X on a PC.

Select everything by clicking away in an empty area of the mat and then pressing CMD+A on a Mac or CTRL+A on a PC.

Open Modify panel and choose Crop.

Press CMD+F on a Mac or CTRL+F on a PC to move the patterned inset below the shape.

Select everything by clicking away in an empty area of the mat and then pressing CMD+A on a Mac or CTRL+A on a PC.

Right click and choose Make Compound Path.

You now have the cuttable pattern inside your shape with a border all around your shape.

The files used for the backgrounds are available here 

Here is the video that explains all of these steps in detail and in which I teach you how to create the very first image shown above:

I recently purchased a MAMBI Happy Planner at Michaels using a 50% off coupon bringing the price down to $17.95. The one I purchased is the Good Things are Going to Happen version and it is very artistic -- loooove it!

Here is a picture of the cover ...

To be completely honest, I already have an Erin Condren planner and love it too. I am using my Erin Codren Life Planner (ECLP) to manage my day job work activities (translation projects, customer contacts, meetings, etc.) and will use this one to plan my crafty activities (YouTube videos, growth strategy and more).

I looked for a divider page that I could use to quickly open my planner to a specific page, but couldn't find one. Needless to say, I designed one I could cut with my electronic die cutting machine. I have three brands so I needed to make sure I could cut the file with any of them, as usual. I designed my files using Illustrator, saved them in SVG format and then opened and saved them with Sure Cuts a Lot (SCAL) to make sure they could be opened and cut with my Cricut Explore. I also use SCAL when I want to cut with my GCC Puma or Silhouette Cameo. It took a couple of weeks of designing, testing and perfecting before I could make them available to others.

My Happy Planner files are now available in my Etsy shop, but they are also available for free to my Patreon supporters.

My video on putting the pocket pages together is below.

At this time, I have the tabbed divider page and a pocket page, but will soon design more for Happy Planner lovers.

If you are interested in more on planning, please check out my Pocket Pages and Planner Love group on Facebook.