You will soon be able to upload your patterns to Design Space

Imagine if you could upload patterns into Design Space and apply them to your cuts?

This is what we are busy beta testing right now and on September 1, I will be able to start showing you Beta Previews of how it will work and what you will be able to do.

The full list of improvements and new features:
  • Ability to apply patterns to images
  • Ability to upload custom patterns
  • Image information icon will be displayed in the layer attributes panel
  • Vector and basic image uploads will be automatically determined by the file type
  • Uploaded images will include a preview for both printable and non-printable cut styles
  • Slice will create an additional layer to preserve the colour/pattern of both overlapping images
  • You will be able to edit individual layers without needing to ungroup first
  • Grid lines will be on by default
  • Each page in a project will have to be printed individually when using Print then Cut
  • Shift click multi-select images on the canvas/layers panel
  • Current layer selected by default in the Layers panel
The above is planned for sometime in September. A definite date has not been announced yet. The beta testers are still busy testing. In fact, they have been working very hard to make sure it is awesome once you get your hands on it.

Also, Cricut is working on Print then Cut for iOS devices. There is no date announced for this yet. Everything in due time.

Don't worry Android users. Android development continues while this is going on. There is a separate team working on Android development so that work on the desktop and iOS platforms does not affect Android development.

Below is an overview of what is new in the September 2015 update of Design Space: