Storing your jewellery making supplies

My daughter and I use these matching Creative Options cases to store our jewellery making supplies. We are both short on time, but we have lots of goodies to play with!

My case is pink and silver.

Her case is purple and lime green.

The tops hold lots of supplies and this is where you can store scissors and other larger tools.

Amanda is much more into jewellery making than I am so she has more tools.

Both cases have pull out compartment trays that you can customize to fit what you need to store.

My top pull-out tray contains loose beads.

My middle tray contains wire and various findings in old pill containers.

The pill containers are excellent for storing small and tall items.

Small beads are in old embossing powder containers.

My bottom tray contains parts for making hair accessories.

My daughter is using small cardboard boxes to separate some of her beads.

She has floss and needles in her middle tray.

Her bottom tray contains chains and various accessories.