SCAL Lesson 1 - the basics

As promised, SCAL Lesson 1 is up and you can watch the video here.

It covers the following:
  • refer to CraftEdge’s tutorials for installing, activating and setting up drivers (if you are a Windows user)
  • general look around the screen
  • panels
    • Document panel
    • Position & Size panel
    • Fill & Stroke panel
      • changing colours
      • matching colours using eye dropper
    • Style panel
    • Text panel
  • setting up your mat
    • displaying the grid
    • portrait vs landscape orientation
  • view modes (outline versus filled objects)
    • View menu
    • Show Outlines Only checkbox in Document panel
  • setting up your Cameo
  • determining which cutter is selected if you use multiple cutters
  • describe shape handles and what they do (see image below)
    • basic handles
      • Free Move
      • Vertical Move
      • Horizontal Move
      • Stretch
      • Stretch Vertical
      • Stretch Horizontal
      • Rotate
    • advanced handles
  • cutting an image with your Silhouette cameo
  • SVG files
    • importing
    • exporting
If you need help with SCAL (Sure Cuts a Lot), join my Facebook group.