Beta Preview of the Design Space iPhone app and what to expect in coming months

It turns out that 85% of crafters say that what keeps them from crafting more is time so it only makes sense to for them to have tools that let them create when an idea strikes them and you never know when that will be.

One thing people always carry with them is their phone. Now iPhone users will be able to design and cut with their phones and you will be very impressed with how clear and legible the app is, even on an iPhone 5S (my model). Soon Android users will also be able to enjoy this capability!!!

This video goes into detail about some of the very cool things you can do with the Design Space iPhone app.

The reason Cricut decided on a Cloud model was so that their users could design from anywhere, at any time during the day, have all images in the library and all of their own images available at all times and on all platforms.

The only way to do this without having to require users to download, install and maintain a huge software application was to use a Cloud model. You can only imagine how big the software would have to be to hold all that data. Updates would have been a nightmare and crafters do not want to be spending their precious crafting time updating software. Updates will soon be completely seamless. This means that updates will be automatic and users won't need to take any action.

Another benefit of using a Cloud model is that when you save a project, it is available to you on all platforms. This means they will be accessible via Design Space on the desktop, iPad and iPhone (and eventually other devices).

Even the plugin issue will soon be resolved and updates will no longer be an issue.

Below are some of the things you can expect in coming months:
  • Design Space Services (beta testing starting soon)
  • iPhone and iPad app release (beta preview below -- iPhone and iPad apps will be identical)
  • Offline capability for iOS (iPhone and iPad devices) requiring no cell coverage or wifi
  • Android app (development is fully underway)
  • Patterns (Imagine patterns and your own patterns
  • Larger print sizes for Print then Cut
  • Shell app (making it unnecessary to use a browser)
The video below is a quick presentation of key screen shots: