Last day to get Samantha font on sale for $17

Samantha font is available at MightyDeals for only $17 (regular $75). Just click the link above and then type "samantha" in the search field to find it.

Go down to the bottom of the page and choose between Upright Pro or Italic Pro.

The Complete Family Desktop version includes both Upright and Italic Pro.

The Complete Family Desktop + Web Fonts version is for those of you who want to be able to use the Samantha font on your web sites without first manipulating the text in other programs.

Most of you will only need the Desktop version, either Upright or Italic, or both. You will know if you need the Web version or not. Most of you are not designing your own Web sites.  

If Samantha isn't quite your cup of tea or if you want more gorgeous fonts, check the MightyDeals site because they have special deals on many other fonts.

Once you have purchased the font, you will need to save it on your computer.

The best way to manage your files and be able to find everything is to set up directories (folders) for all your files. 

I have all of my files on an external hard disk, but if you don't have an external hard disk, you need to set up a separate directory for all of your files. 

Files are everything that you create, download or purchase. They are what you put all of your hard work into, spend a great deal of time or money on, and what you cannot easily replace if (knock on wood) something happens to your computer. 

They are what you want to keep safe and what you want to back up regularly so that if you do have a hard disk crash, you know those files will be safe somewhere and you will be able to put them right back on your system.

I save all of my fonts in a Fonts sub-directory on my external drive. 

Once you have saved it to your computer, unzip the files if necessary to extract the files. After you have done this, double click the file with the .otf (open type font) extension. This will cause your system to install the font. 

Once you have the font, you will need to know how to access all the beautiful extra characters.

Check back tomorrow for my post on accessing the special characters on a Mac or on a PC.