Accessing special glyphs in Samantha font

Yesterday I promised that I would post a tutorial on how to access the special glyphs in the Samantha font, which you can still get on sale.

The easiest way of all is to use SCAL4 (Sure Cuts a Lot) because the font viewer displays all of the available characters and all you need to do is click the characters you want.

This capability is available in the Mac and PC versions of the software. For more information on Sure Cuts a Lot, join us in my Facebook group.

If you do not have SCAL, there are other ways you can access the special characters. If you have Illustrator or CorelDRAW, this video shows you how you can access them very easily.

If you have none of these software programs, you will need to follow the procedures described in the FAQ on Laura Worthington's site (under How do I?).

This procedure only works with fonts that have been coded to be compatible with character map. The latest version of the Samantha font has been coded by Laura Worthington to be compatible with character map. If you have an older version (you will know this if the procedure doesn't work), contact the designer, Laura Worthington, and ask her to send you the updated version of the font. You will have to provide proof of purchase.