Cricut Explore versus Silhouette Cameo - thick materials

So many people have been asking me which machine I would recommend because they know I have extensive experience with both.

This video shows you the types of thick materials the Explore can handle.

My recent videos on applying vinyl to a Christmas ornament and on re-organizing my kitchen pantry show you how versatile the Cricut Explore really is. It can cut the thinnest materials, such as vinyl, vellum and copy paper, to the thickest materials you will use in crafting, such as shrink film, acrylic, heavy chipboard, ripple board, poster board, foam and cork.

Silhouette claims the Cameo can cut chipboard, but the material they sell as chipboard is actually a medium weight kraft card stock. I have had some and was very disappointed.

In any case, this video clearly shows you that the Cameo is incapable of cutting the thinnest material I show here.