KNK Maxx Mat Placement

While I was busy designing something today, I decided to test out the placement of cuts on my KNK Maxx using a Cricut mat and cutting with Make the Cut. I placed masking tape as guides to where I should place my mat before I clamp down the pinch rollers.

In this picture you can see that I placed masking tape
one inch from the right edge of the machine.
Doing this means that I won't have to set my origin every time I cut to my machine using MTC. I sometimes use WinPCSign with my KNK so when I do that, I will either have to go through this process again or just set my origin every time. WinPCSign has more advanced features, but for now, I wanted to set this up with the easier software to use.

I like using Cricut mats with my KNK because I have the machine on an Alex unit from Ikea in the closet in my room so there isn't very much room for me to move the machine back and forth. By using my Cricut mats, I don't need to move my machine at all unless I am working on longer cuts.

At the front of the machine, I placed the masking tape
1-1/2 inches from the beginning of the white cutting strip.
In MTC, I set up four damask shapes, placed on the mat so they would cut at the 6-inch mark at the top and bottom and on the two sides.

From past experience, I know I do not need to use the cutting margins
and I placed my shapes as close to the edges as possible.
I placed my papers on the Cricut mat according to where I placed my
shapes on the cutting mat in MTC
The next images show that my cuts are exactly where I wanted them.

Below is the final shape.