Radio Operator

I have started organizing the photos for my heritage layouts.

Amazingly, my aunt (my father's sister), wrote on the backs of every photo she sent my father and it is from her information that I discovered that I had an uncle I never knew about and many other things. Before I can scrap most of those photos, I will have to scan them, but I will also have to scan all the backs of the photos and use the texts for my journalling blocks.

The photos in this layout are of my father when he was in the German navy after World War II.

I found it difficult to find paper that worked for a navy theme, but then found this paper with constellations in an October Afternoon collection. I was telling our house guests about how difficult it was to work on a navy layout and one of them suggested compasses, ropes and anchors. Of course!!! The anchor and rope in this layout are from the Cricut Pack Your Bags cartridge.